Ultherapy® is an innovative, non-invasive ultrasound procedure designed to rejuvenate facial skin naturally. The treatment effectively activates the skin’s natural healing processes to boost collagen production. This targeted treatment revitalizes, restores and refreshes the skin and face. The normally treatment-resistant areas of the facial skin in the brow area, neck, jawline and under the chin, emerge noticeably tightened and lifted.

During the procedure at Bella MD, a smooth handpiece is used to deliver and focus ultrasound energy, targeting a predetermined depth below the skin’s surface, stimulating new collagen growth. The device is similar to the one used to visualize the fetus during pregnancy. Ultherapy goes beyond imaging to deliver pulses of electrosound energy, treating the deeper skin layers normally reached by facelift surgery. It is the only treatment method cleared by the FDA to treat problem areas where facial skin is thinnest and shows the effects of aging first.

Ultherapy requires no downtime or interruption to your day’s schedule beyond the 60-minute treatment time. Any flushing of the skin should fade within a few hours. Minor swelling may occur for a few days after the treatment, along with possible mild tingling or tenderness for a few weeks. Small areas of bruising are rare.

Over the next several months, your skin’s condition will continue to improve–from the inside out. As new collagen is produced in the skin’s deeper layers, you’ll see plumper, tighter skin and a firmer jawline. Ultherapy provides an alternative to improve facial skin for those who want to postpone surgery or those who prefer natural, non-invasive treatment. This simple in-office procedure helps your skin fight the effects of gravity by strengthening the supportive layers below the epidermis for a noticeable, but natural, result.

Why Bella MD?

At Bella MD, our expertise sets us apart, along with our personalized care and state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to effective, natural skin treatments like Ultherapy at our Dallas-area Aesthetic Center.