The groundbreaking Coolsculpting® treatment offers Bella MD patients an effortless, non-invasive method to lose fat and streamline their physique in the hardest-to-reduce spots. Areas commonly treated are the flanks (love handles) and abdominal area, including the “spare tire” and “muffin top.” In this groundbreaking treatment, fat cells are actually eliminated by freezing, generating results that can’t be achieved so quickly and efficiently through diet and exercise. This is not an obesity solution or a liposuction substitute. The procedure is ideal to eliminate body bulges in specific areas–without the inconvenience of downtime.

How Does it Work?

Coolsculpting targets the body’s fat in specific areas without cutting, damaging, burning or shattering other cells in the body, as more-invasive procedures can. This patented treatment method was developed by Harvard researchers and FDA cleared to help eliminate undesirable areas of fat accumulation. This revolutionary treatment uses no needles, no suction devices, no anesthesia and no scalpel. Coolsculpting® leaves no scars on the body nor does it harm healthy cells.

Over a one-hour period, a medical device is used to surround the bulging area, positioning it between two cooling panels. The device generates a chilling sensation and patients often describe feeling a firm pulling and pressure while the body’s tissues are being cooled beneath the skin. Many patients read or use their laptops during treatment.

Once the Coolsculpting treatment session is complete, no recovery time is needed before continuing with your day’s schedule. Temporary pain or discomfort may occur, along with possible bruising, swelling, red and tender skin in the treated area. Other side effects may include cramping, itching or tingling sensations and/or numbness up to several weeks post-procedure.

The Results

The first bodily changes may be noted after just 3 weeks, with improvement most obvious after 2 months. Improvement may continue and bulges diminish even more for up to 6 months after the procedure. Over this period, the frozen, crystallized fat cells are naturally eliminated from the body. Soon you’ll notice your clothes beginning to fit better and treated areas will look sleeker and more streamlined, with or without weight loss.

Many patients are fully satisfied with their body shape improvement after just one treatment. Additional treatments may be done after a follow-up examination at Bella MD, if you and your physician agree. Maintain your results with normal exercise and diet, with no special supplements or vitamins added to your routine.

Why Bella MD?

Bella MD medical professionals are the Dallas-area experts in the innovative Coolsculpting technique that can non-invasively rid the body of annoying bulges in the midsection.